For the fathers. The busy ones, the tired ones, the adventurous ones. For the ones who work 70 hours a week, the ones who make elaborate travel plans, the ones who stay at home with their kids. For the fathers that worry about finances and the ones that tend to overspend. For the ones that make ramps and racetracks and the ones that help with homework after a long day. For the ones that call their kids when they’re grown and the ones that dance with their daughters on their wedding day. 

Mothering gets a lot of the glory, as it should. But a good father – a father who is dependable and strong and vulnerable and kind – he doesn’t get enough credit. Fathers, whether biological or chosen, hold our hands and our hearts when the world is scary. They walk with us to the donut shop and they help us figure out our first bank accounts and they attend our sporting events. They are the ones we look to when we’re scared or tired or unsure. To be a father is to walk the ones you love through the chaos of life. It’s to be affectionate and kind, strong and steady.

May the work of fathering always come before the work of finance or real estate or law. May the work of fathering be the work that matters most. May the fathers raise brave and kind children. May the work of fathering lead to children who later hold the hands of their dad – when he’s sick or living in an assisted living home or watching his final days march by, may his kids stand by as a witness to the way he loved. 

This is for the fathers. Thank you for loving us the way you have. May you know how much you are loved in return.

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