The journey of Alzheimer’s and dementia is a heartbreaking one, for caregivers and the diagnosed individual alike. At Mesa View Senior Assisted Living (and at our partner locations, Harbor View Senior Assisted Living and Bay View Assisted Living) we strive to provide compassionate, individualized care, preserving our residents’ dignity at every stage of their Alzheimer’s journey. Below is a touching Valentine’s Day letter from a mother recently diagnosed with dementia in the midst of the COVID pandemic. 


Dear Nadia, 

Happy Valentine’s Day! I miss you all so much, but I’m so glad we’re able to FaceTime sometimes (thanks for helping us old fogies figure out how to do it). Are the kids exchanging any virtual Valentine’s day cards with their classmates? How are you surviving working from home while homeschooling? I thought about homeschooling you kids for a time when you were young, but you should be glad I decided against it! I’m so sorry for how challenging this time is. 

We’re doing well. Daddy is enjoying working from home and being semi-retired, although you’d never know it the way he goes on and on about how bored he is and what this world is coming to.  

I hosted the Bingo Bonanaza last weekend in La Mesa (virtually, of course, and thank goodness Terrel from Helix Charter High School volunteered to help me out with the technology side of things). It was a grand success, if I do say so myself.  The mayor of San Diego even popped on the Zoom call as a special guest. You should have seen the old birds gushing on and on about him like he was even remotely eligible for them.

I know you’re waiting for me to tell you more about the health stuff… You know how I feel about all of that, but I know you want me to be honest with you. I forgot how to get to Target again yesterday.  My list was all written out and tucked in my purse, I grabbed my water bottle, jumped in the car, and backed out of the driveway like I’ve done a thousand times before.  And then I started driving, but after about five minutes, I forgot how to get there.  I was only going to Target at Grossmont Center, but I just couldn’t remember anything.  I was at the Stop sign and I thought, “Well now what?  Where in heaven’s name is that store?”  I’m ashamed to say it took me two hours to find it.  TWO HOURS, Nadia!  I finally called Daddy and told him the cross streets I was at and asked him how to get there. I was only one block away. 

I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was scared. And sad. Once I made it there, I parked the car and sobbed into my hands. It’s a terrifying feeling to be in a place you know so well and yet have no idea where you are. I’m taking all my supplements and working on my memory care just as much as my physical care. They may say I have dementia, but I don’t believe it quite yet.  Us seniors just get a little forgetful you know?  No senior care necessary for me, at least not yet.

Please give everyone my love. Thinking about you all the time, but especially on this Valentine’s Day. 

Love you always and miss you like crazy,



At Mesa View Senior Assisted Living (and at our partner locations: Harbor View Senior Assisted Living and Bay View Assisted Living) our compassionate, highly competent staff work hard to provide individualized care to each member of our memory care communities.