Senior Care, Hospice Care, and Palliative Care Accommodations in San Diego 

MesaView Senior Assisted Living is a family owned and operated independent and assisted living community in La Mesa, California. Our owners have firsthand experience with Alzheimer’s and dementia and know all that goes into making decisions around memory care for a loved one. 

We walk alongside families as they traverse the difficult road of Alzheimer’s and have been supporting the greater San Diego community for a decade. We empathize with the difficulties of deciding on a senior living community for loved ones and have laid out below the three most important factors to consider when making this decision. 

What is Hospice Care? 

Hospice care refers to medical care for people with an incurable illness whose life expectancy is 6 months or less. The focus of care shifts from trying to prolong life to managing symptoms and giving an individual the highest quality of life possible. 

Round the Clock Care 

Hospice care providers will respond to a patient or caregiver 24/7 if an issue comes up. They are available around the clock. Hospice care is usually provided wherever a person lives. This might include a memory care community, assisted living facility, or a home. This allows the patient to be comfortable in their own environment and with their own belongings. 

Hospice Care is Holistic

A team of professionals from multiple disciplines are involved in hospicare care. They are trained to work together and communicate to address the holistic needs of the person with the life-limiting illness. Hospice care is centered on that person and their particular end of life goals. The hospice care team addresses psychosocial, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient. 

Paying for Hospice Care

In terms of insurance and payment for hospice care, it is considered a Medicare benefit. This means that anyone enrolled in Medicare should have access to hospice care. It is also covered in almost every state by Medicaid. Most private health insurance companies also cover hospice care. It is important to note, however, that different insurance companies offer varying levels of hospice care. 

Hospice Care Accommodations at MesaView in La Mesa, California

What does it mean when we say we provide hospice care accommodations? While we are not licensed to provide hospice care, we do focus on the practical, spiritual, emotional, and physical concerns of residents with life-limiting illnesses. Our team of dedicated professionals work together to make patients feel comfortable and experience relief of symptoms. We promote quality of life and support families and loved ones as we care for the individual with the life-limiting illness. We work with teams of professionals that provide hospice care while residents continue to comfortably live in our assisted living homes. 

Are you looking for hospice care near you? 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are looking for hospice care or hospice care accommodations near you. We’re happy to help talk you through the options available to you. 

Memory Care Community with Hospice Care Accomodations in Southern California
MesaView Senior Assisted Living in La Mesa, California, is a senior care community in Southern California. We understand that our residents’ holistic experience of life (social, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical) is vitally important. Our compassionate caregivers provide top-notch, individualized care to each of the members of our communities. 

Compassionate Memory Care in San Diego 

At Mesa View Senior Assisted Living (and at our partner locations: Harbor View Senior Assisted Living and Bay View Assisted Living) our compassionate, highly competent staff work hard to provide holistic care to each member of our memory care communities.