We’ve had a long history of caring for families impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia. We’ve found that families often wait to place a loved one in assisted living until they are no longer able to perform ADLs (activities of daily living) and require significant physical assistance. Families might also wait until their loved one doesn’t recognize them any longer.

While we completely understand the desire to keep loved ones at home as long as possible, our experience has shown that there are benefits to placing a loved one sooner rather than later. 

Read more about these benefits below… 

Top Memory Care and Assisted Living Community in San Diego, California

MesaView Senior Assisted Living is a family owned and operated independent and assisted living community in La Mesa, California. Our owners have firsthand experience of having loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia and know all that goes into making decisions around memory care for a loved one. 

We walk alongside families as they traverse the difficult road of Alzheimer’s and have been supporting the greater San Diego community for a decade. In addition to independent and assisted living care, we also provide accommodations for hospice care. At Mesa View Senior Assisted Living (and at our partner locations, Harbor View Senior Assisted Living and Bay View Assisted Living) we strive to provide compassionate, individualized care, preserving our residents’ dignity at every stage of their Alzheimer’s journey. 

The Difficult Decision to Place a Loved One in Memory Care

We are the first ones to understand that the decision to seek care outside the home is a major one. While this is not always the case, family members may experience grief, guilt, and stress as they consider assisted living. Other factors affecting the decision include the family caregiver’s health and the safety of the person with dementia. 

It is natural that family members would want to keep loved ones physically close and they often wait until a major breakdown occurs before seeking care. These breakdowns might include the Alzheimer affected individual leaving the home and getting lost, having a major fall, or experiencing a panic attack. 

Benefits of Placing Someone into High-Quality Memory Care Sooner

When a loved one moves into our high-quality memory care community, they move into an environment tailor-made for them. They benefit from the social stimulation as they form relationships with other members. A robust activity schedule is designed to keep their minds active and create a sense of purpose and accomplishment. The familiar routines and structure provided by an assisted living community are also very beneficial to those with memory loss. 

At MesaView Senior Assisted Living, we believe in a holistic approach to memory care. We engage residents at social, spiritual, physical, emotional, and cognitive levels. Research shows that this is the best approach to mitigate cognitive decline and slow the loss of skills in an Alzheimer’s affected individual. Your loved one is cared for in a safe and secure environment with compassionate caregivers specially trained to create the ideal setting for individuals with memory loss. 

Residents feel that they have their own space where family members can visit and many express relief that they don’t feel like a burden to their loved ones. When family members no longer need to provide day to day care, they are able to return to their roles as child, spouse, or grandchild. 

Care as Alzheimer’s Progresses

Another benefit of placing sooner is that as a person’s disease progresses, they are already living in a comfortable and familiar environment. Moves at an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s can be more traumatic. They are cared for 24/7 by staff members that they know and trust all the way through end of life care. 

Best Senior Assisted Living Community in San Diego 

At MesaView Senior Assisted Living (as well as at our sister sites, BayView Senior Assisted Living in Point Loma and HarborView Assisted Living in San Diego), we pride ourselves on our compassionate, individualized, and holistic model of care. To find out what sets us apart give us a call and schedule a COVID safe tour of our one-of-a-kind assisted living home in San Diego!