Fall prevention is critical in our senior living communities. Every year an estimated 60% of residents in senior care communities experience falls. 1 in 4 older Americans fall each year. While falls are not always preventable, we implement evidence-based plans and policies to mitigate their risk. 

Keep scrolling to see the research-backed policies we apply in our assisted living facilities. 

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Thanks for joining us for our series on dementia and Alzheimer’s research. Perhaps you or a loved one was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Or maybe you are just wanting to do everything you can to preventatively boost your brain health. If you’re interested in exploring Alzheimer’s and dementia research, this series is for you. 

Evidence-based care is a huge priority for us at MesaView Senior Assisted Living (as well as at our sister sites, BayView Senior Assisted Living in Point Loma, HarborView Assisted Living in San Diego, and RanchView Senior Assisted Living in Encinitas). We hope you will appreciate diving into the research with us. 

Strategies for Preventing Falls in Assisted Living

In addition to potentially causing serious injury, falls in older adults can lead to a loss of independence. Unfortunately, the risk of falling increases with age. Certain medical conditions, issues with balance, medications, and environmental factors can all increase the risk of falling. There are some additional, unique fall risk factors to consider when caring for individuals impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia.  

Here are some of the preventative measures we take to mitigate the risk of falls. 

Vision & Hearing Checks: Eyes and ears are extremely important for navigating our environment. Consistent checks ensure your loved ones are receiving the hearing and vision care they need! 

Minimize Glare: Dementia and Alzheimer’s can impact the way individuals perceive light. Glare from lights can hinder vision for some people. Using shades or minimizing glare from lighting, mirrors, or windows can help prevent visual disturbances. 

Vigilantly Monitor Medications: Certain medications cause dizziness that can lead to falls. We keep a close watch on the medications our residents are taking and any side-effects that may increase their fall risk. 

Safety Enhancements: Grab bars and handrails are installed throughout our grounds. We continually check for and eliminate tripping hazards and position bright lighting for increased visibility. 

Clear Signage: All rooms and hallways should be clearly marked with signs. This can help minimize confusion and wandering for individuals impacted by Alzheimer’s. 

Balance & Exercise Programs: We offer exercise programs tailored to our residents and have significantly adapted our group exercise classes to make them COVID-safe. 

Secure & Comfortable Shoes: We ensure that our residents’ footwear fits properly and is non-skid. Ill fitting or slippery shoes increase the risk of falling. 

Fall Risk Assessments: We closely track all falls as well as any residents who are at a higher risk of falling due to certain medications or conditions. 

Keep an eye on our blog in the coming months to hear more about the fall precaution approach we take in our memory care communities.

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We are committed to evidence-based care at MesaView Senior Assisted Living (as well as at our sister sites, BayView Senior Assisted Living in Point Loma, HarborView Assisted Living in San Diego, and RanchView Senior Assisted Living in Encinitas) and being familiar with relevant research is an important part of the care we provide. 

We pride ourselves on our compassionate, individualized, and holistic model of care. To find out what sets us apart give us a call and schedule a COVID safe tour of our one-of-a-kind assisted living home in San Diego!